Public Notices /Meeting Agendas

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June 10Finance and School Joint Meetings


May 1Conservation Commission 
May 2Assessors Meeting
May 7School Finance Subcommittee
May 7Select Board   REPOST 
May 7School Committee
May 8Lee Youth Commission
May 8Agricultural Commission
May 13 Planning Board  REPOSTED
May 13Greener Gateway
May 13Board of Public Works
May 14Lee Historical Commission Meeting
May 16BRPC
May 16 School Committee
May 20PCB Advisory Committee
May 21Public Hearing 
May 21Housing Authority 
May 21Select Board Meeting 
May 22BRPC RIC Committee
May 23Appalachian Trail Committee
May 30Insurance Advisory Committee



April 2Five Town Cable Advisory Committee's
April 2Lee School Committee Public Budget Hearing
April 2Finance Subcommittee School Committee
April 2PCB Committee
April 2Select Board
April 3Conservation Commission CANCELLED
April 4Finance Committee - POSTPONED TO APR. 9
April 4Republican Party Caucus 
April 4Goose Pond Maintenance 
April 5Democratic Party Caucus 
April 6Master Plan Public Forum 
April 8Board of Public Works
April 8Planning Board Special Hearing
April 8Planning Board 
April 9Finance Committee
April 10Lee Youth Commission
April 10Agricultural Commission
April 10Appalachian Trail Committee
April 10Agricultural Commission
April 12BRPC 
April 12Southern Berkshire Public Health Collaborative
April 15Lee Greener Gateway 
April 16Lee Historical Commission
April 16 Planning Board Special Hearing
April 16Select Board
April 16Lee Housing Authority
April 16Planning Board
April 17Conservation Commission
April 18Select Board At LMHS Auditorium 
April 22Planning Board 
April 22Board of Public Works
April 23 School Policy Subcommittee
April 24Zoning Board of Appeals 
April 24Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting
April 24 Berkshire County Retirement System
April 24BRPC
April 24MVP/HMP Committee
April 25PCB Advisory Committee
April 25Select Board 
April 25Curriculum Subcommittee Lee School
April 29Master Plan Meeting
April 30Lee CDC



March 5Assessors Meeting 
March 5Select Board   REPOST
March 6Lee Youth Commission 
March 6 Five Town Cable 
March 7Insurance Advisory Committee
March 7Finance Committee
March 7BRPC
March 7BRPC Commission Development 
March 11Lee Greener Gateway Committee
March 11Planning Board
March 12Five Town Cable 
March 12Finance Subcommittee
March 12LeeSchool Committee
March 13Agricultural Commission
March 19Lee Community Development Corporation
March 19Housing Authority Public Hearing 
March 19 Housing Authority   REPOST
March 19 Assessors Meeting 
March 19Select Board
March 20Community Preservation Meeting and Annual Hearing
March 20Five Town Cable CANCELLED
March 20Conservation Commission 
March 20School Negotiations Subcommittee   REPOST
March 21Select Board    REPOST
March 21BRPC
March 21HMP/MVP
March 21 School Council 
March 21Lee Historical Commission 
March 25Planning Board Public Hearing 
March 25Department of Public Works
March 25Planning Board 
March 27Berkshire County Retirement System



February 1Finance Committee
February 1BRPC 
February 6

Community Development Corporation

February 6Lee school Committee
February 6Select Board    REPOST 
February 6Finance Committee
February 7Public Meeting Assessors
February 7Conservation Commission
February 7School Finance Subcommittee
February 8MVP HMP Committee
February 12Greener Gateway 
February 12Planning Board
February 12Board of Public Works  REPOSTED
February 13Historical Commission 
February 13School Committee
February 13Lee School Finance Subcommittee
February 14Lee Youth Commission
February 14Agricultural Commission 
February 15Finance Committee
February 15Lee Elementary School Council
February 20BRPC TAC Meeting 
February 20Housing Authority
February 20Select Board 
February 22Finance Committee
February 26Planning Board Public Hearing 
February 26Board of Public Works 
February 26Planning Board
February 27Tyringham School Committee
February 27Facilities Subcommittee
February 27 Capital Outlay 
February 28BRPC RIC 
February 28Berkshire County Retirement System 
February 28Finance Committee
February 28School Finance Subcommittee
February 29Master Plan Committee  Will be held at Fire/EMS building 



January 2Select Board 
January 3Five Town Cable Advisory Committee 
January 4Conservation Committee 
January 4BRPC 
January 8 Planning Board REPOST 
January 8Greener Gateway 
January 8Board of Public Works Repost 
January 8Curriculum Subcommittee 
January 9Finance Committee  
January 9Historical Commission  MEETING AT 7PM  CANCELLED 
January 9Agricultural Commission 
January 9Finance Subcommittee of the Lee School Committee  CANCELLED 
January 9Lee School Committee    REPOST 
January 10Community Preservation  
January 10 Lee Youth Commission  
January 11BRTA 
January 11Master Plan Meeting 
January 12Southern Berkshire Public Health Collaborative  
January 16 Public Hearing  
January 16Select Board 
January 17Conservation Commission   REPOST  CANCELLED 
January 18BRPC  
January 18 HMP MVP 
January 18Lee Youth Commission with Open Spaces  
January 18LES School Council  
January 19Berkshire County Board of Retirement  
January 19 BRPC 
January 19 Assessors Meeting 
January 22Planning Board  
January 22Board of Public works 
January 24Agricultural Commission  
January 25Tri-Town Board Health 
January 29Lee Board of Health   REPOST 
January 29Master Plan  
January 30School Finance Subcommittee 
January 31BRPC CEDS Committee Agenda  
January 31Lee/Stockbridge Fire/EMS Committee 
January 31Berkshire County Retirement  







December 2Flu and Covid Vaccine Clinic 
December 4Community Preservation Committee
December 4Union #29 
December 4Master Plan Committee  REPOST 6:30 Start
December 5Goose Pond
December 5Select Board 
December 6 Special Town Meeting Warrant                                                                                           
December 65 Town Cable 
December 7Berkshire County Retirement Systems
December 7BRPC 
December 11Lee Greener Gateway Committee
December 11Policy Subcommitte of the Lee School Committee Revised
December 11Planning Board
December 12Five Town Cable 
December 12 Five Town Cable Quarterly Meeting  REPOST 
December 12Open Spaces and Recreation   Meeting is from 5:30-7:00
December 12School Fiance Subcommittee
December 12School Committee
December 12Agricultural Commission 
December 13Tri Town Board of Health 
December 13BRPC
December 13Lee Youth Commission
December 13School Council Meeting 
December 14Assessor Meeting 
December 14 BRPC Finance Committee
December 18Master Plan 
December 19 Community Development Corporation  
December 19 Select Board 
December 20Lee Housing Authority
December 28Berkshire County Retirement System 


November 1Tri-Town Boards of Health
November 15 Town Cable
November 1Assessors Meeting POSTPONED UNTIL NOV 3
November 1Conservation Commission 
November 2Select Board
November 2BRPC
November 3Assessors Meeting 
November 6Finance Committee
November 6Policy Subcommittee
November 7Select Board 
November 8 Lee Youth Commission
November 9Masterplan Committee
November 10Lee Historical Commission Meeting
November 13Curriculum Subcommittee 
November 13Greener Gateway 
November 13Board of Public Works
November 13Planning Board Agenda
November 14Agricultural Commission Meeting
November 14School Fiance Subcommittee
November 14School Committee
November 165 Town Cable 
November 165 Town Cable Advisory 
November 16BRPC Planning Commission REPOST 
November 16School Council 
November 17SBPHC Meeting 
November 17Hazard Mitigation 
November 20Master Plan Agenda
November 21Housatonic Rest of River agenda
November 21Lee Housing Authority
November 21Select Board Agenda
November 27Board of Public Works
November 27Planning Board 
November 28 Select Board 
November 28Negotiations Subcommittee of the Lee School Committee
November 295 Town Cable 
November 29BRPC
November 29Conservation Commission
November 29Berkshire Regional Transit authority
November 29Berkshire County Retirment System 
November 30 Appalachian Trail 



October 2Master Plan Committee

October 3

October 3Rest of River
October 4Conservation Committee
October 5 Five Town Cable
October 5 Student Council Meeting
October 5BRPC   REPOST
October 9Greener Gateway
October 10 Historical Commission
October 10School Fiance Subcommittee
October 10School Committee
October 11Youth Commission 
October 16Master Plan Committee
October 17Public Meeting Assessors
October 17Lee Community Development  Corporation Board of Directors Meeting
October 17 Select Board  REVISED ZOOM LINK 
October 17 Lee Housing Authority 
October 17 BRPC Transportation Improvement Program Workshop 
October 17Agricultural Commission 
October 18Community Preservation Committee
October 18 Conservation Commission 
October 19 MVP/HMP Committee
October 21Open Spaces and Recreation 
October 21Open Spaces and Recreation Meeting Agenda
October 23Town of Lee Public Works
October 23Planning Board
October 24 Berkshire County Retirement Advisory Board 
October 24Open Space and Recreation Plan Meeting
October 25BRPC Regional Issues Committee
October 265 Town Cable CANCELED
October 26Berkshire County Retirement System 
October 26BRTA Board Meeting 
October 30Master Plan 
October 31Select Board  REPOST


September 5Select Board 
September 5School Curriculum Subcommittee   UPDATED ZOOM LINK
September 6Conservation Commission 
September 6Mass DOT Meadow Street Bridge
September 6Five Town Cable Advisory
September 8SBPHC Meeting
September 11Planning Board Special Hearing 
September 11Tri Town Boards of Health
September 11

Greener Gateway Committee

September 11Board of Public Works
September 11Planning Board UPDATED AGENDA
September 12Five Town Cable
September 12Historical Commission 
September 12School Finance Subcommittee
September 12Agricultural Commission 
September 12School Committee
September 13Lee Youth Commission
September 14Five Town Cable  CANCELLED
September 14Tyringham School Committee
September 14Union #29  UPDATED AGENDA
September 19Master Plan REPOST
September 19Berkshire County Retirement System 
September 19Select Board UPDATED AGENDA
September 19 Strategic Planning Subcommittee
September 19Technology Subcommittee 
September 20Community Preservation Committee
September 20Conservation Commission 
September 21BRTA Finance Meeting 
September 21BRPC
September 20School DEI Subcommittee 
September 25Board of Public Works
September 25 Planning Board
September 26Open Space and Recreation Plan Meting
September 26Lee Housing Authority  CANCELLED
September 27Berkshrie County Retirement System
September 27Appalachian Trail Committee 
September 27Berkshire Regional Planning Commission   UPDATED AGENDA
September 27Community Preservation Committee
September 27Negotiations Subcommittee
September 28 Shared Services Subcommittee



August 1Select Board 
August 2Conservation Commission
August 8Community Development Corporation 
August 8Lee School Committee
August 8Historical Commission
August 8Housing Authority 
August 9Lee Youth Commission Meeting / REPOST Lee Youth Commission Meeting
August 11SBPHC Meeting
August 14Planning Board Special Permit 
August 14Five Town Cable 
August 14Planning Board 
August 14Board of Public Works
August 14Lee Greener Gateway Committee
August 15Housatonic Rest of River Municipal Committee Agenda
August 15Select Board Meeting
August 16 Five Town Cable 
August 16Coservation Commission
August 17Laurel Lake Preservation Association, Inc.
August 17Appalachian Trail Committee Meeting
August 17HMP/MVP Meeting
August 21Master Plan Committee
August 22Lee Open Space and Recreation Plan Committee Meeting
August 22Housing Authority 
August 23Cultural Council 
August 24Assessors Meeting 
August 28Planning Board Special Hearing
August 28Board of Public Works Meeting
August 28Planning Board
August 29Berkshire County Retirement Advisory Board
August 30Berkshire County Retirement System 



July 5Conservation Commission
July 6Appalachian Trail Committee
July 10 Planning Board  HYBRID           Planning Board Special Hearing    
July 10Lee Greener Gateway Committee
July 10Five Town Cable 
July 11Youth Commission 
July 11 Historical Commission 
July 13 Finance Committee    ZOOM 
July 17School Committee
July 17 Master Plan Committee   HYBRID
July 18Select Board 
July 18 Housing Authority 
July 19 Conservation Commission 
July 20HMP/MVP
July 20 BRPC
July 20 BRPC Executive Committee
July 24Five Town Cable 
July 24Board of Public Works
July 24Planning Board 
July 25 Open Spaces and Recreation
July 26Stockbridge/Lee Fire EMS Committee
July 26Five Town Cable 
July 26Berkshire County Retirement System
July 26Five Town Cable 
July 26BRPC
July 27 Assessors Meeting POSTPONED UNTIL AUGUST 3



June 1BRPC Executive Committee  
June 5Five Town Cable   
June 6Select Board    ZOOM  
June 7 Conservation Commission   
June 12Greener Gateway  
June 12Board of Public Works  
June 12Planning Board  
June 13Five Town Cable   
June 13Select Board & School Committee  
June 13Agricultural Commission  
June 13School Committee 5:15  
June 13School & Select Board  
June 13School Committee 7:00 REPOST WITH LINK  
June 14Lee Youth Commission  
June 14Five Town Cable   
June 14Community Preservation Committee  
June 14 Historical Commission   
June 15MVP/HMP   
June 20Select Board HYBRID Repost          Hybrid Link  
June 20 Housing Authority   
June 21Community Preservation Committee  
June 21Lee/Stockbridge Fire/EMS Commmittee  
June 21Conservation Commission  
June 22Master Planning Committee  HYBRID  
June 23Assessors CANCELED   
June 26Five Town Cable Advisory  
June 26Board of Public Works   
June 26 Planning Board   HYBRID  
June 27 Select Board   REPOST   
June 27Open Spaces and Recreation   
June 28 Berkshire County Retirement System  
June 28 Historical Commission  



May 2Select Board HYBRID
May 3Five Town Cable 
May 3Conservation Commission 
May 4Sandy Beach 
May 4Rest of River
May 4Five Town Cable 
May 4BRPC 
May 8 Greener Gateway 
May 8 Board of Public Works 
May 8 School Finance Subcommittee
May 8 Planning Board     HYBRID
May 9 Lee School Committee
May 9 Agricultural Commission 
May 10 Five Town Cable 
May 10Lee Youth Commission   REPOST
May 10Berkshire Transit Authority
May 12 SBPHC 
May 15 Master Planning Committee  HYBRID
May 16 Select Board    HYBRID
May 16Housing Authority
May 18 BRTA
May 17 Community Preservation 
May 17Conservation
May 18 BRPC
May 18Fire Committee  (Stockbridge Town Hall)
May 18MVP Committee
May 22Appalachian Trail 
May 22Historical Commission
May 22Rest of River    ROR with Link
May 22Planning Board - MEETING CANCELED
May 22Board of Public Works 
May 23Open Space & Recreation Plan Committee   HYBRID
May 24Five Town Cable 
May 24Select Board (Attending EPA CCC Meeting)   HYBRID
May 24BRPC
May 24Select Board  Hybrid
May 25Housing Authority 
May 25Rest Of River
May 31Berkshire County Retirement System 


April 1Republican Committee Caucus
April 1Democratic Committee Caucus
April 3Goose Pond Maintenance District 
April 3Board of Assessors
April 4Cultural Council
April 4Select Board   HYBRID
April 4School Finance Subcommittee
April 4School Committee Budget Hearing 
April 5Conservation Commission 
April 6BRPC Executive Committee
April 7Housing Authority
April 10 Board of Health 
April 10Greener Gateway
April 10Planning Board   HYBRID
April 11Agricultural Commission 
April 11Historical Commission 
April 12Lee Youth Commission 
April 12Five Town Cable 
April 12Community Preservation
April 13Rest of River
April 14SBPHC 
April 14Five Town Cable
April 18Lee Open Space & Rec Plan 
April 18Select Board    HYBRID
April 19Housing Authority 
April 19 Conservation Commission 
April 20Sandy Beach 
April 20Master Plan AMENDED
April 20BRPC Executive Meeting 
April 24Planning Board   HYBRID
April 25Board of Public Works
April 25Finance Committee    HYBRID
April 25Negotiations Subcommittee  REPOST AGENDA
April 25Historical Commission
April 26Five Town Cable 
April 26Berkshire County Retirement System 
April 26BRPC Regional Issues CANCELLED
April 27Board of Health 
April 27 MVP 
April 27BRPC Finance Committee



March 1Five Town Cable Negotiations
March 1Union #29 Lee Tyringham
March 1Conservation Committee
March 2Capital Outlay Committee
March 2BRPC Executive Committee
March 2Union #29 Lee Tyringham 
March 2Board of Public Works
March 7Finance Committee
March 7Community Development Corporation
March 7Select Board   HYBRID
March 7Five Town Cable CANCELLED 
March 8Community Preservation Committee
March 8Lee Youth Commission 
March 8Select Board Special Meeting 
March 8Five Town Cable 
March 9Appalachian Trail 
March 9Select Board Joint Meeting
March 13Planning Board Public Hearing - POSTPONED (March 27)
March 13Planning Board HYBRID - POSTPONED
March 13Greener Gateway
March 14Five Town Cable CANCELLED
March 14Historical Commission 
March 14Agricultural Commission 
March 14School Finance Subcommittee CANCELLED
March 14School Committee  REVISED AGENDA CANCELLED
March 14Board of Public Works CANCELLED
March 16Capital Outlay Committee
March 16Union #29 
March 16BRPC Nominating Committee CANCELLED
March 17SBPHC Special Meeting 
March 20 Master Plan Committee   HYBRID   REPOST AGENDA
March 21Lee Housing Authority Public Hearing
March 21Finance Committee
March 21Housing Authority
March 21Select Board HYBRID
March 22Community Preservation 
March 23Agricultural Commission
March 275 Town Cable 
March 27Appalachian Trail 
March 27Rest of River   REPOST
March 27Planning Board   HYBRID
March 28Board of Public Works
March 29 Tri-Town Boards of Health   -  ZOOM
March 29Berkshire County Retirement System
March 29Five Town Cable CANCELLED
March 29 Greener Gateway & Pollinator Agenda
March 30 Five Town Cable CANCELLED



February 1Five Town Cable 
February 2Five Town Cable 
February 2BRPC Executive Committee
February 6Master Plan Committee   Hybrid
February 7Finance Committee
February 7Select Board    HYBRID
February 8Community Preservation Committee
February 8Lee Youth Commission 
February 8Tyringham School Committee
February 9School Finance Subcommittee   REPOST
February 10So. Berkshire Health
February 13Greener Gateway 
February 13Planning Board 
February 14Finance Committee
February 14Historical Commission 
February 14School Curriculum Subcommittee
February 14School Committee REPOST
February 14Assessors Public Meeting 
February 14Agricultural Commission 
February 15BRPC Comprehensive Economic 
February 15Conservation Commission 
February 16MVP/HMP Committee
February 18Master Plan Forum
February 21Five Town Cable 
February 21Housing Authority
February 22Five Town Cable 
February 27Planning Board   HYBRID
February 28Lee Community Development Corp Annual Meeting 
February 28Finance Committee
February 28Finance Subcommittee
February 28Five Town Cable 
February 28School Finance Subcom w Town Finance Com 
February 28Board of Public Works CANCELLED



January 3Select Board     Hybrid
January 4Conservation Commission
January 5BRPC Executive Committee
January 5Five Town Cable - CANCELED 
January 9Greener Gateway 
January 9Planning Board     HYBRID
January 10 Historical Commission
January 10Finance (repost)
January 10Agricultural Commission
January 10School Finance Subcommittee REVISED AGENDA
January 10Lee School Committee
January 11Community Preservation Committee
January 11Youth Commission
January 11Assessors Public Meeting 
January 11Rest of River 
January 12Five Town Cable Public Hearing REPOST
January 13SBPHC
January 17Select Board Public Hearing
January 17Finance Committee
January 17Select Board   HYBRID
January 17 Housing Authority
January 18 Appalachian Trail 
January 19MVP/HMP 
January 19Master Planning Committee   HYBRID
January 24Board of Public Works 
January 25BRPC Regional Issues Committee
January 25Berkshire County Retirement System
January 26Five Town Cable 
January 27Youth
January 31Finance Committee


December 5Master Planning Committee     Hybrid
December 6Select Board   Hybrid
December 7Conservation Commission 
December 7BRPC Regional Issues Comittee 
December 7 School Curriculum Subcommittee
December 8Cultural Council
December 12Greener Gateway
December 12Five Town Cable Advisory Committee-Public Hearing
December 12Planning Board    Hybrid
December 13Five Town Cable 
December 13Agricultural Commission
December 13School Finance Subcommittee
December 13Lee School Committee
December 13Historical Commission 
December 13Board of Public Works
December 14BRPC Comprehensive Economic Development
December 14Lee Youth Commission 
December 15Berkshire County Retirement System
December 15MVP/HMP Committee
December 15Historical Commission 
December 19School Finance Subcommittee CANCELED 
December 20Tri-Town Board of Health 
December 20Housing Authority
December 20Select Board    Hybrid
December 21

Five Town Cable CANCELED 

December 22Five Town Cable 
December 28Berkshire County Retirement System 


November 1Select Board           Hybrid
November 1Board of Public Works 
November 2Conservation Commission
November 3BRPC Executive Committee 
November 7Goose Pond Maintenance District
November 7Berkshire Regional Transit 
November 8Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Subcommittee 
November 8School Finance Subcommittee
November 8Lee School Committee  REPOST   SECOND REPOST
November 9Community Preservation Committee
November 9Lee Youth Commission 
November 9Agricultural Commission 
November 14Planning Board      Hybrid 
November 19Town of Lee Adjudicatory Hearing
November 19Town of Lee Board of Health REPOST   ZOOM
November 14Planning Board Public Hearing 
November 14Greener Gateway
November 15Board of Public Works 
November 15Lee Housing Authority 
November 15Select Board    Hybrid
November 16Historical Commission 
November 16Conservation Commission 
November 17Berkshire Regional Planning Commission 
November 17 MVP/HMP Committee
November 22Lee School Committee  Hybrid
November 18Southern Berkshire Public Health Collaborative
November 21Master Plan Committee   Hybrid
November 28 Planning Board    Hybrid
November 30Community Preservation Committee
November 30Berkshire County Retirment System  REPOST 


October 4Board of Selectmen   HYBRID
October 4Board of Public Works   REPOST CANCELLED
October 5Conservation Commission 
October 5School Committee
October 6BRPC Executive Meeting 
October 6School Finance Subcommittee
October 10Greener Gateway
October 11Agricultural Commission 
October 11Lee School Committee
October 12Lee Youth Commission 
October 13School Negotiation Subcommittee
October 17Master Plan Committee
October 18Board of Selectmen Public Hearing 
October 18 Housing Authority 
October 18 Select Board   HYBRID
October 18 Board of Public Works
October 19 Conservation Commission 
October 20MVP/HMP Committee
October 24Planning Board     Hybrid
October 25Board of Public Works
October 25BCRS
October 26BRPC  
October 26 BRPC Regional Issues Committee
October 26BCRS
October 27BRTA
October 27 Select Board (updated location - 2nd floor office)



September 1Board of Selectmen 
September 1BRPC Executive Committee
September 6Board of Public Works 
September 6Board of Selectman         Hybrid  
September 7Master Plan Committee
September 7Conservation Commission 
September 8SBPHC
September 12Greener Gateway
September 12Planning Board         Hybrid
September 13Five Town Cable Advisory 
September 13School Finance Subcommittee
September 13Town of Lee Board of Health 
September 135 Town Cable Advisory 
September 13Historical Commission 
September 13Agricultural Commission
September 13Lee School Committee
September 14LYC Meeting
September 19Master Plan Committee
September 20Board of Selectmen  Repost   Hybrid
September 20Housing Authority
September 21Conservation Commission 
September 21BRPC  Comprehensive Economic Development 
September 22Town of Lee Board of Health 
September 26Planning Board      Hybrid
September 27 Union #29
September 28BRPC Regional Issues Committee
September 28 BCRS Board Meeting 
September 29USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Group Meeting 
September 29Berkshire Transit Board Meeting
September 29


September 29Historical Commission 



August 1Lee School Policy Subcommittee
August 2Special Permit Hearing           Hybrid Link
August 2Board of Selectmen REPOST              Hybrid Link
August 2Department of Public Works 
August 3BRPC Regional Issues Committee
August 3Conservation Commission CANCELED
August 8 Greener Gateway 
August 8Planning Board        Hybrid Link
August 9Ag Commission
August 10Lee Youth Commission 
August 12Southern Berkshire Public Health Collaborative 
August 16

Public Hearing Notice 

Selectboard     Hybrid

August 16Lee School Committee
August 16 Lee School Finance Subcommittee
August 16Lee Housing Authority
August 16Board of Public Works 
August 17Conservation Commission 
August 18Special Selectboard Meeting - pcb forum
August 22Berkshire Gas Public Hearing  
August 23Lee School Negotiation Subcommittee
August 24Lee Youth Commission 
August 30Greener Gateway



July 5Board of Selectmen 
July 6Conservation Commission 
July 11Greener Gateway
July 11 Planning Board    ZOOM
July 12 Agricultural Commission 
July 13Youth Commission 
July 13BRPC Economic Development Committee
July 14BRPC Executive Committee
July 19 Public Hearing Notice
July 19Board of Selectmen
July 20Conservtion Commission
July 21Lee Housing Authority
July 25Lee School Negotiations Subcommittee
July 25Planning Board                          ZOOM
July 26School Finance       School Committee  SCHOOL COMMITTEE UPDATED AGENDA
July 27Berkshire County Retirement System
July 28Board of Health 


JUNE 1Conservation Commission 
JUNE 1 School Negotiations Subcommittee
JUNE 2Board of Assessors
JUNE 3Rest of River
JUNE 6Tri-Town Boards of Health 
JUNE 6 Appalachian Trail 
JUNE 7Select Board
JUNE 8Youth
JUNE 10S. Berk Health
JUNE 13Greener Gateway
JUNE 13Planning Board            ZOOM LINK
JUNE 15 Conservation Commission
JUNE 20Youth
JUNE 17Laurel Lake Assn

Special Permit Amendment 

Select Board    (5:30 Executive Session/ 7pm Open Session)

JUNE 21Lee School Committee
JUNE 21Lee School Finance SubComittee
JUNE 21Lee School Negotiations Subcommittee
JUNE 21 Lee Housing Authority

BRPC Environmental Review Committee

June 23Union #29
JUNE 27Planning Board                       ZOOM
JUNE 29Berkshire County Retirement System
JUNE 30 Board of Select Men 



MAY 2 Youth Commission 
MAY 3 Board of Selectman 
MAY 3School Finance Subcommittee
MAY 3 Lee School Committee
MAY 4Appalachian Trail
MAY 5BRPC Finance Committee
MAY 5District 4 Meeting
MAY 9 Greener Gateway           REPOST                                         
MAY 9Planning Board      ZOOM
MAY 10Agricultural Commission
MAY 10 Historical Commission 
MAY 12Annual Town Meeting
MAY 16Appalachain Trail
MAY 16 Youth Commission 
MAY 17Housing Authority 
MAY 17 School Negotiation Sunbcommittee
MAY 17 Board of Selectmen 
MAY 17 Board of Public Works 
MAY 18Conservation - CANCELED 
MAY 23Berkshire Regional Transit Authority 
MAY 23School Negotiation 
MAY 23Planning Board         ZOOM
MAY 25BRPC Regional Issues Committee
MAY 25Berkshire County Retirement System 
MAY 26Berkshire Regional Transit Board Meeting 
May 31Lee Union #29 Meeting CANCELED 


APR 2Republican Caucus 
APR 4Appalachian Trail  
APR 5Select Board Meeting  
APR 5Lee School Committee Public Budget Hearing  
APR 5Lee School Finance Subcommittee 
APR 6Personnel Board Meeting Old Handbook, Proposed
APR 6Conservation Commission  REPOST    
APR 6Town Admin Search Committee 
APR 6Tyringham School Committee 
APR 8Democratic Caucus 
APR 8 Southern Berkshire Public Health Collaborative 
APR 8Rest of River 
APR 11Goose Pond Maintenace District  
APR 11Policy SubCommitteeZOOM ONLY
APR 11Greener GatewayZOOM LINK
APR 11Lee School Committee 
APR 11Planning Board Zoom
APR 12Capital Outlay Committee 
APR 12Agricultural Commission 
APR 13Lee Youth UPDATE: THIS MEETING IS 7:30-8:30 
APR 15Rest of River 
APR 19Board of Selectmen (REPOST) 
APR 19Housing Authority 
APR 20Finance Committee 
APR 20Berkshire County Retirement System  
APR 20Conservation Commission  
APR 22Rest of River 
APR 25Planning Board ZOOM
APR 27Board of Public Works REPOST  
APR 28Baby Town Meeting  
ARP 28Berkshire Transit Authority 


Mar 1SelectmenZOOM
Mar 2Youth Commission 
Mar 2Finance CommitteeZOOM
Mar 2Assessors 
Mar 2Conservation 
Mar 3Beach Committee  
Mar 3Tri Town Health 
Mar 3BRPC 
Mar 3Insurance Advisory 
Mar 4School Finance 
Mar 4Rest of River  CANCELLED (now March 7) 
Mar 7App Trail Committee 
Mar 7Rest of River 
Mar 7Board of Public Works 
Mar 85 Town Cable 
Mar 8Select Board 
Mar 8Agriculture Commission 
Mar 8School Policy and School Committee 
Mar 9Finance Committee 
Mar 11South Berkshire Health  
Mar 14Planning Board ZOOM
Mar 14Greener Gateway 
Mar 15Insurance Advisory 
Mar 15 Historical Commission  
Mar 15Housing 
Mar 15School Negotiation 
Mar 15Selectmen/Youth Joint Meeting - REVISION 
Mar 16 Finance Committee  
Mar 16 Conservation Committee 
Mar 17School Negotation  
Mar 17 BRPC  
Mar 18 Rest of River   REPOST 
Mar 21Youth Commission    REPOST  
Mar 24Special Town Meeting 
Mar 24Board of Public Works  
Mar 28Planning Board Public Hearing ZOOM
Mar 30Berkshire County Retirement System  
Mar 30Finance Committee 



Feb 1Town Admin Search Committee (2 meetings - Executive Session) 
Feb 1SelectmenZOOM
Feb 1Assessors 
Feb 35 Town Cable 
Feb 3School Shared Services - MEETING CANCELLED 
Feb 3BRPC 
Feb 4Republican Town Committee 
Feb 4Rest of River 
Feb 5Democratic Town CommitteeZOOM
Feb 7Board of Public Works 
Feb 7Planning Board - POSTPONED TO FEB 14 
Feb 7School Negotiation 
Feb 8Town Admin Search Committee 
Feb 8School Curriculum, School Finance, School Committee 
Feb 8Agricultural Commission and Planning Board (Joint Meeting) 
Feb 9Finance CommitteeZOOM
Feb 105 Town Cable 
Feb 11South Berkshire Health 
Feb 14Planning BoardZOOM
Feb 14School Negotiation (2 Meetings) 
Feb 14Town Admin Search Committee 
Feb 14Rest of River 
Feb 14Greener GatewayZOOM
Feb 15SelectmenZOOM
Feb 15Housing Authority 
Feb 15School Policy and School Commitee (2 Meetings) 
Feb 16Finance CommitteeZOOM
Feb 16Conservation Commission Canceled 
Feb 17Selectmen Town Admin InterviewsZOOM
Feb 18Rest of River 
Feb 21Youth CommissionZOOM
Feb 22Special Act Charter Commission 
Feb 23School Committee 
Feb 23Berkshire Retirement 
Feb 24BRTA 
Feb 28School Finance 
Feb 28Planning BoardZOOM


January 4Selectmen Hearing 1  Selectmen Hearing 2  AgendaZOOM
January 4School Finance 
January 4Town Admin Search Committee 
January 5School Negotiation 
January 5Conservation CommissionZOOM
January 6Tri Town Health 
January 6BRPC 
January 7Rest of River 
January 10Youth CommissionZOOM
January 10Planning BoardZOOM
January 10Greener GatewayZOOM
January 10School Policy 
January 11Historical Commission 
January 11Ag Commission 
January 12Town Admin Search 
January 135 Town Cable Advisory 
January 13Personnel Board  - MEETING CANCELED 
January 13Youth CommissionZOOM
January 14Southern Berkshire Health 
January 18Historical Commission 
January 18Selectmen Public Hearings    AgendaZOOM
January 18Housing Authority  -REVISED 
January 18School Committee 
January 19



January 19Youth CommissionZOOM
January 20Town Admin Search Comm - MEETING CANCELED 
January 20Berkshire Regional Planning 
January 24Planning BoardZOOM
January 25Town Admin Search Comm 
January 26Tri Town Health 
January 26Berkshire Retirement 
January 26School Negotiation (2 meetings) 
January 27BRTA 
January 31Town Admin Search Committee (3 meetings - Executive Session) 



December 1Conservation CommissionZOOM LINK
December 2BRPC 
December 7Cultural Council 
December 7SelectmenZOOM LINK
December 7School Negotiation CANCELLED 
December 8Assessors 
December 10Southern Berkshire Health 
December 13Greener Gateway 
December 13Planning Board 
December 14Ag Commission 
December 14Historical  
December 145 Town Cable 
December 15School (3 Meetings) 
December 15Tri Town Health 
December 15ConservationZOOM LINK
December 20Rest of River 
December 20Youth CommissionZOOM LINK
December 21Housing Authority 
December 21SelectmenZOOM LINK
December 23Assessors 
December 27Planning BoardZOOM LINK
December 28Berkshire Retirement 
December 29Berkshire Retirement 


November 2SelectmenZOOM LINK
November 3Community Center Public Meeting ZOOM LINK
November 3ConservationZOOM LINK
November 4Bike Path Hearing


Envrionmental Report 1

Environmental Report 2

November 45 Town Cable 
November 4BRPC 
November 4Town Admin Search Committee 
November 8Assessors 
November 8Greener Gateway 
November 8Planning 
November 9School Committee 
November 9School Finance 
November 9Historical Commission 
November 9Town Admin Search 
November 11Agricultural Commission 
November 12South Berkshire Health 
November 15Youth CommissionZOOM LINK
November 16Selectmen Public Hearing    -    AgendaZOOM LINK
November 16Housing Authority 
November 17Rest of River 
November 17Town Admin Search Committee 
November 17ConservationZOOM LINK
November 18BRPC 
November 185 Town Cable 
November 22School Negotiation - Revised to 4pm (previously 4:30) 
November 22Planning BoardZOOM LINK
November 22Town Admin Search 
November 23Goose Pond Dist 
November 30Berkshire Retirement 


October 5SelectmenZOOM LINK
October 7Beach Committee 
October 7Berkshire Regional Planning 
October 75 Town Cable 
October 8Southern Berkshire Health 
October 8Board of Public Works 
October 12Planning BoardZOOM LINK
October 12School Committee/School Finance 
October 13Town Administrator Search Committee 
October 13School Negotiation      ****CANCELLED*** 
October 15Berkshire Retirement 
October 18Greener Gateway 
October 18Youth CommissionZOOM LINK
October 19School Negotiation 
October 19Historical Commission 
October 19SelectmenZOOM LINK
October 19Assessors Hearing (with Selectmen) 
October 19Housing Authority 
October 20Berkshire Retirement 
October 20Conservation - CANCELLED 
October 215 Town Cable 
October 21Town Admin Search Committee 
October 25Planning BoardZOOM LINK
October 26School/School Negotiation 
October 27Tri Town Health 
October 27Berkshire Retirement 
October 27TA Search Committee 
October 285 Town Cable 
November 2SelectmenZOOM LINK
November 3Community Center Public Meeting ZOOM LINK
November 3ConservationZOOM LINK
November 4Bike Path Hearing 
November 16Selectmen Public Hearing  





September 1Conservation Commission 
September 2Tri Town Board of Health 
September 2Assessors


September 25 Town Cable Advisory 
September 2BRPC 
September 3Berkshire Retirement 
September 7Selectmen - VIA ZOOMZoom Link
September 9Youth CommissionZoom Link
September 9School Negotiation REVISED AGENDA 
September 13Greener Gateway 
September 13Planning BoardZoom Link
September 13School Shared Services 
September 14Housing Authority 
September 145 Town Cable Advisory  REVISED AGENDA 
September 14Cultural Council 
September 16Board of Public Works   -  DATE CHANGE FROM 9/14 to 9/16 
September 14Historical Commission 
September 14School Committee 
September 14School Finance  
September 15Conservation Commission - MEETING CANCELLED 
September 17Southern Berkshire Health 
September 20Youth CommissionZOOM LINK
September 20School Negotiation  
September 21SelectmenZOOM LINK
September 21Union 29 
September 21BRTA 
September 21Tyringham School Committee 
September 22Tri Town Health 
September 24School Committee 
September 27

Planning Board Hearing - Zoning Amendments

Planning Board Special Permit Hearing


Meeting Agenda

Link to list of proposed zoning changes



September 29Berkshire Retirement 
September 29Assessors 
September 305 Town Cable 
September 30Berkshire Regional Planning 
September 30School Finance, School Negotiation, School Committee 




August 2Youth 
August 3Selectmen 
August 4Conservation 
August 9Planning Board - MEETING CANCELLED 
August 9Greener Gateway 

August 11

Berkshire Regional Planning 
August 10School Finance 
August 10School Committee 
August 125 Town Cable   REVISED AGENDA 
August 12School Policy/School Committee   -  School REVISED 
August 13Rest of River 
August 16Youth Commission 
August 17Housing Authority 
August 17Selectmen 
August 18Conservation Commission 
August 195 Town Cable Advisory


August 23Planning Board 
August 24Youth Commission 
August 26Berk Reg Transit Auth Board Mtg. 
August 265 Town Cable Advisory 
August 30Berkshire Retirement 
August 31School Policy 


JULY 2021


July 6

School Finance - UPDATED 
July 6Selectmen 
July 7Conservation 
July 8Berkshire Reg Planning Regular Meeting        Executive Meeting2 meetings 5pm and 6pm
July 9Selectmen 
July 12Youth Commission 
July 12Greener Gateway 
July 12Planning Board 
July 13School/Selectmen Joint Meeting 
July 13School Committee 
July 20Selectmen  
July 20Board of Public Works 
July 21Berkshire Retirement 
July 21Conservation 
July 22Five Town Cable Advisory 
July 26School Committee 
July 26Planning Board 
July 28Berkshire Retirement 
July 29Assessors  
July 29School Committee 



June 1

School Union  - REVISED

June 1Selectmen 
June 2Capital Outlay 
June 2Conservation Commission 
June 3BRPC Executive Committee Meeting  
June 8Cable Advisory 
June 8School/Selectboard Joint Meeting  
June 11Board of Assessors  
June 11Rest of River 
June 13Cultural Council 
June 14

Planning Board (Hearing Notice and Application)

June 14Youth CommissionCLICK HERE TO JOIN ZOOM
June 14Planning Board 
June 14Greener Gateway 
June 15

School Finance   (UPDATED)


School Committee  (rescheduled from June 8)

June 15Housing Authority 
June 15Selectmen 
June 16Conservation Commission - MEETING CANCELLED 
June 17CDC 
June 17Cable Advisory Committee 
June 23School Committee 
June 25Rest of River 
June 26School Committee 
June 28Planning Board 
June 30Berkshire Retirement 


May 3Planning Board 
May 4

Selectmen Public Hearing                                                         


Notice of Decision

Click HERE to join meeting
May 5 Conservation Commission -CANCELLED  
May 6Finance CommitteeClick HERE to join meeting
May 10

Planning Board Public Hearing   

Meeting Agenda   

Supporting Materials

Click HERE to join meeting
May 10Youth CommissionClick HERE to join meeting
May 10Greener GatewayClick HERE to join meeting
May 11Historical Commission 
May 11School Committee / School Finance  
May 14Rest of River - MEETING CANCELLED 
May 16Cultural Council       Click HERE to join meeting
May 17Annual Town Election 
May 18School Union 29 
May 18Housing Authority 
May 18Selectmen Click HERE to join meeting
May 19Youth CommissionClick HERE to join meeting
May 19ConservationClick HERE to join meeting
May 205 Town Cable 
May 20Finance Committee - MEETING CANCELLED 
May 24Planning BoardClick HERE to join meeting
May 25Selectmen 
May 26Berkshire Retirement 
May 26Finance Committee 
May 27BRTA 


April 2Rest of River 
April 5School Committee/School Finance/School Negoatiation 
April 6SelectmenClick HERE to join Zoom meeting
April 7ConservationClick HERE to join Zoom meeting
April 7Finance CommitteeClick HERE to join Zoom Meeting
April 8Goose Pond Maintenance  
April 8Democratic Town Caucus 
April 9Republican Town Caucus 
April 9Rest of River 
April 12Planning BoardClick HERE to join meeting
April 12Youth CommissionClick HERE to join meeting
April 12Greener GatewayClick HERE to join meeting
April 13Berkshire Retirement  
April 13School Committee, School Finance Sub Committee 
April 13Finance CommitteeClick HERE to join meeting
April 16Rest of River  
April 20Selectmen Public Hearing    -   Selectmen Agenda

Click HERE to join meeting

Notice of Decision

April 20Housing Authority 
April 20Board of Pubic Works 
April 21Berkshire Retirement  
April 21Conservation CommissionClick HERE to join meeting
April 23Rest of River - MEETING CANCELLED 
April 26Planning BoardClick HERE to join meeting
April 26Selectmen Executive Session 
April 27Youth CommissionClick HERE to join meeting 
April 28Berkshire Retirement  
April 295 Town Cable Advisory 
April 29Berkshire Retirement  

March  2021

March 2Selectmen Click HERE to join meeting
March 3ConservationClick HERE to join meeting
March 8Youth Commission 

Click HERE to join meeting

March 8Greener GatewayClick HERE to join meeting
March 8Planning BoardClick HERE to join meeting
March 9Historical Comm 
March 95 Town Cable Advisory 
March 9School Committee 
March 9School Finance  
March 11Rest of River 
March 16Selectmen MeetingClick HERE to join meeting
March 16Housing Authority 
March 16Youth Commission Sub Committee   (updated join link 3/15/21)Click HERE to join meeting
March 17Conservation CommissionClick HERE to join meeting
March 18Tyringham School Committee 
March 20School Negotiations  
March 22

Planning Board Special Permit - Forest Wilde  (updated)

Planning Board Agenda              Click HERE for permit application

Click HERE to join meeting


March 22Board of Assessors  
March 23Youth Commission Click HERE to join meeting
March 24Berkshire Retirement 
March 25BRTA 
March 25Board of Public Works 
March 25Finance Committee 
March 29School Committee   Updated Agenda 
March 30Youth Commission Click HERE to join meeting
March 30Finance CommitteeClick HERE to join meeting
March 31Berkshire Cty Retirement 


February 8Berkshire Retirement Feb 8, 2021 
 Youth Comm Feb 8, 2021Click HERE to join meeting
 Greener Gateway Feb 8, 2021 Click HERE to join meeting
 Planning Board Feb 8, 2021 Notice of Decision 145 Housatonic
February 9School Finance  
 School Committee 
February 10ZBA Feb 10, 2021   Notice of Decision Eagle Mill
February 16Housing Authority  
 Selectmen (Virtual)Click HERE to join meeting
February 17Conservation Comm - CANCELEDMEETING CANCELED
February 18Youth Commission Sub Committee

Click HERE to join meeting

 Berkshire Comm Status of Women 
February 22Planning Board      -    Forest Wilde ApplicationClick HERE to join meeting
February 24Berkshire Retirement  





BRPC Feb 4, 2021
Select Board Feb 2, 2021                Click HERE to join meeting - VIRTUAL ONLY
School Finance Feb 2, 2021 MEETING CANCELLED
Conservation Feb 3 2021                 Click HERE to join meeting
Select Board Jan 26, 2021               Click HERE to join meeting  - VIRTUAL ONLY
Berkshire Retirement Jan 27, 2021
Planning Board Jan 25, 2021           Click HERE to join meeting
Youth Commission Jan 25, 2021     Click HERE to join meeting
BRPC Jan 21, 2021
Youth Sub Committee Jan 28, 2021      Click HERE to join meeting
Planning Board Public Hearing (145 Housatonic St) Feb 8, 2021      Click HERE to join meeting
          Notice of Decision 145 Housatonic St
ZBA Feb 3, 2021 (145 Housatonic St,  200 Laurel St,  Eagle Mill)     Click HERE to join meeting
BRTA Jan 21, 2021
Conservation Jan 20, 2021      Click HERE to join meeting
Housing Jan 19, 2021
Rest of River Jan 15, 2021
Cultural Council Jan 27, 2021
School Policy Jan 12 ,2021
School Committee Jan 12, 2021
Youth Sub Comm Jan 14, 2021
Historical Commission Jan 12, 2020
Tri Town Health Jan 26 2021
Greener Gateway Jan 11, 2021        Click HERE to join meeting
Rest of River Jan 8, 2021
School Finance Jan 12, 2021
School Committee Jan 7, 2021
Planning Board Jan 11, 2021            Click HERE to join meeting
Youth Commission Jan 11, 2021       Click HERE to join meeting
BRPC Jan 7, 2021
Selectboard Jan 5 2021
Conservation Jan 6 2021
Berk Cty Retirement Dec 30, 2020
Planning Board Dec 28, 2020
Select Board December 22, 2020
BC Status of Women Dec 21 2020
Forest Wilde LLC Community Outreach Meeting Jan 5 2021   -  To View Presentation CLICK HERE
ZBA January 13 2020 Hearing  - AGENDA
Selectmen Dec 15 2020 -  Special Permit Decision CLICK HERE
Housing Authority Dec 15 2020
Planning Board Public Hearing Jan 11, 2020   - Special Permit Decision CLICK HERE
School Committee Dec 14, 2020
Greener Gateway Dec 14, 2020
Planning Board Dec 14, 2020  -  Hearing Decision CLICK HERE
5 Town Cable Dec 15, 2020   ---REVISED COPY
School Dec 8, 2020
Cultural Council Dec 11, 2020 - START TIME UPDATED TO 6pm
Youth Sub Comm Jan 14, 2021
School Finance Dec 8, 2020
Historical Dec 8, 2020
Youth Dec 16, 2020
Planning Board Dec 7 2020
Conservation Dec 2, 2020
Selectmen Dec 1 2020
ZBA Hearing Dec 16, 2020    Agenda/Zoom Info
Planning Board Nov 30, 2020
School Nov 24 2020
Berkshire Retirement Nov 24, 2020
Assessors Nov 24, 2020
Goose Pond Maint Dist Nov 23, 2020
Spiritas Global Community Outreach Meeting - Dec 3, 2020
Selectmen Public Hearing - Dec 15, 2020
School Nov 19, 2020
Planning Nov 23, 2020
BRPC Nov 19, 2020
Youth Comm - Community Ctr Sub Comm - Dec 3, 2020
Conservation Nov 18, 2020
Housing Nov 17, 2020
Selectmen Nov 17, 2020
Planning Board Public Hearing Nov 23 2020
Planning Board Public Hearing Dec 7, 2020
BRTA November 19 2020
BCC Status of Women Nov 12 2020
School Nov 10, 2020
Historical Nov 10 2020
Youth Comm Sub Committee Nov 12, 2020
Planning Board Nov 9 2020
Youth Comm Nov 9 2020
School Policy Nov 5 2020
Greener Gateway Nov 9 2020
Conservation Nov 4 2020
BRPC Nov 5 2020
Selectmen Nov 3 2020
Assessors Nov 3 2020
Housing Nov 2 2020
Selectmen Oct 29 2020
Rest of River Oct 30 2020
Berkshire Retirement Oct 29, 2020
School Committee Oct 24, 2020 - SECOND REVISION
Youth Sub Committee (Community Ctr) Oct 26 2020
Conservation Comm Oct 21, 2020
Retirement Oct 20, 2020
Housing Oct 20, 2020
Selectmen Oct 20, 2020
Late Tabulation of Ballots Nov 9 2020
Planning Board Oct 19 2020
Youth Commission Oct 19 2020 (see updated)
Greener Gateway Oct 15, 2020
November 3 Presidential Election Warrant
School Oct 13, 2020
Berkshire Status of Women Oct 8, 2020
Tri Town Health October 13 2020
School Union 29 Oct 7 2020
Selectmen Oct 6 2020
Planning Board Public Hearing Oct 26 2020 - CANCELED
Planning Board Public Review Oct 19 2020 - CANCELED 
Selectmen Oct 1 2020
Public Hearing October 20, 2020
Conservation October 7, 2020
School Union 29 Sept 30, 2020
Housing Authority Sept 29 2020
Berkshire Retirement Sept 30 2020
Planning Board September 28 2020
School Finance September 28 2020
Berkshire Status of Women Sept 23 2020
Youth Comm October 5 2020
Advance Removal and Depositing for Nov 3 Election - Oct 30, 2020
Early Voting for Nov 3 Election
School Union 29 - Sept 23, 2020
School Sept 22, 2020   -  REVISED AGENDA
Selectmen Sept 22, 2020
BRTA Sept 24, 2020
District Four Meeting Sept 22. 2020
School Comm Sept 18, 2020 - REVISED AGENDA WITH ZOOM 
Conservation Comm - September 16, 2020
BRPC - September 17, 2020
Selectmen Sept 15, 2020
Public Hearing October 6
Housing Sept 15 2020
Planning Board Sept 14, 2020
Rest of River Sept 11, 2020
Greener Gateway Sept 14, 2020
Youth Comm Sept 14, 2020
Finance Comm Sept 9, 2020
Historical Comm Sept 8, 2020
5 Town Cable Sept 8, 2020
School Sept 8, 2020               REVISED AGENDA
BRPC Sept 3, 2020
Conservation Sept 2, 2020
Selectmen Sept 1, 2020
School Sept 1, 2020
School Aug 31, 2020
Housing Aug 31, 2020
School Comm Aug 25, 2020
School Comm Aug 24, 2020
Housing Authority Aug 25, 2020
Rest of River Aug 21, 2020
Planning Board Aug 24, 2020   -  REVISED AGENDA
Lee Youth Comm Aug 24, 2020
Berkshire Retirement Aug 26, 2020
School Comm Aug 18, 2020    -    REVISED POSTING 
Selectmen Aug 18, 2020
Housing Aug 18, 2020
Conservation Aug 19, 2020   -  REVISED AGENDA
Rest of River August 14, 2020
School Committee Aug 11 - REVISED AGENDAS (2)
Board of Public Works Aug 12, 2020
School Committee Aug 11, 2020
School Committee -Policy Aug 11, 2020
Early/Mail-in Voting Tabulation Aug 24&28 (NOTE: NO results will be printed until Election day - Sept 1, 2020 at 8pm)
Cultural Council Aug 12, 2020
Historical Comm Aug 11, 2020
Planning Board Aug 10, 2020
Greener Gateway Aug 10, 2020
Youth Comm Aug 10, 2020
School Committee August 6, 2020
Selectmen August 4, 2020
School Committee August 4, 2020
Conservation Commission Aug 5, 2020 (ZOOM Meeting)
EPA Hearing August 26, 2020
Planning Board July 27, 2020
BC Retirement July 29, 2020
Selectmen July 21, 2020
School Comm July 22, 2020
School Union 29 July 21, 2020
September 1 Primaries Early Voting
Tri Town Health July 29, 2020
Youth Commission July 20, 2020
BRPC July 16, 2020
Conservation Commission July 15, 2020
School Comm July 14, 2020 - REVISED Agenda
Historical Comm July 14, 2020
Rest of River July 10, 2020
Youth Comm July 13, 2020
Selectmen July 7, 2020
Board of Public Works July 8, 2020
Assessors July 6, 2020
ZBA Public Hearing July 29, 2020
Greener Gateway July 13, 2020
School Union 29 - June 29, 2020
Selectmen June 26, 2020
School Comm - 3 Meetings June 24, 2020  (Lee, Tyringham meeting cancelled) 
Berkshire Retirement June 24, 2020
School Comm/School Policy June 18, 2020
Conservation Comm June 17, 2020
Town Election June 22, 2020
Selectmen June 16, 2020
Rest of River June 12, 2020
Selectmen June 10, 2020
Public Works June 10, 2020
Berkshire Status of Women June 9, 2020
Historical Comm June 9, 2020
School Committee June 9, 2020
Greener Gateway June 8, 2020
Finance Committee June 4, 2020
Youth Comm June 8, 2020 - UPDATED
Berkshire Reg Planning June 4, 2020
Capital Outlay June 3, 2020
Selectmen June 2, 2020
Conservation Comm June 3, 2020
Finance Comm June 1, 2020
Laurel Lake July 9, 2020
Community Development Block Grant Hearing May 28, 2020
Berkshire Retirement May 27, 2020
Youth Comm May 22, 2020
BRTA May 28, 2020
Finance May 21, 2020
Selectmen May 19, 2020
Conservation Commission May 20, 2020
Berkshire Cty Status of Women May 12, 2020
Historical Comm May 12, 2020
School Comm May 12, 2020
Tri Town BoH May 19, 2020
Planning Board May 11, 2020
Finance Comm May 14, 2020
Democratic Caucus May 14, 2020
Republican Caucus May 15, 2020
Greener Gateway May 11, 2020
Rest of River May 8, 2020
Berkshire Reg Planning May 7, 2020
Conservation May 6, 2020 - UPDATED to Zoom
Selectman May 5, 2020
Finance Comm April 30, 2020
Berkshire Retirement April 29, 2020
Selectman April 23, 2020
Greener Gateway April 27, 2020
Planning Board April 27, 2020
Selectman April 21, 2020 - CANCELED
Youth Comm May 11, 2020
School Comm April 14, 2020
Historical Comm April 14
Greener Gateway April 13, 2020
Goose Pond Maintenance Dist April 14, 2020
Berkshire Comm on the Status of Women April 14
Selectman April 7, 2020
School Committee April 6
School Negotiation April 6
School Budget April 7    - Click HERE for updates
School Negotiation April 3 - CANCELLED
School Committee April 3 - CANCELLED
Berkshire Regional Planning April 2
Rest of River April 3, 2020
Democratic Caucus April 9, 2020 - POSTPONED- new date TBD
Conservation April 1, 2020
Board of Registrars April 1, 2020      Minutes
Selectman Mar 30, 2020
Berkshire Retirement Mar 25, 2020
BRTA Mar 26, 2020
Planning Board Mar 23, 2020 - CANCELLED
Selectman Mar 17, 2020
Conservation Mar 18, 2020 - CANCELLED
Housing Mar 17, 2020
Youth Comm Mar 12, 2020
Tyringham School Comm Mar 12 2020
School Audit Mar 10, 2020
Jacobs Ladder Mar 10, 2020
School Comm Mar 10, 2020
Public Works Mar 10, 2020
Assessors Mar 12, 2020
Historical Comm Mar 10, 2020
Green Gateway Mar 9, 2020
Cable Advisory Mar 10, 2020
Selectman March 6, 2020
Rest of River March 6, 2020
Planning Board March 9, 2020
Selectman March 3, 2020 REVISED
Conservation Comm March 4, 2020
Youth Comm March 2, 2020
Youth Comm March 9, 2020
School Committee Feb 26, 2020
Berkshire Retirement Feb 26, 2020
School Committee Feb 25, 2020
Public Works Feb 25, 2020
Planning Board Feb 24, 2020
Rest of River Feb 21, 2020 - CANCELLED
Insurance Advisory Feb 27, 2020
Selectman Feb 18, 2020
Youth Comm Feb 19, 2020
Assessors Feb 20, 2020
Conservation Comm Feb 19, 2020  REVISED
Housing Auth Feb 18, 2020
School Committee Audit Sub Feb 11, 2020
Public Works Feb 11, 2020
Historical Comm Feb 11, 2020
School Comm Feb 11, 2020
Planning Board, Feb 10, 2020
Rest of River Feb 7, 2020
Greener Gateway Feb 10, 2020
School Committee Finance Sub Committee Feb 6 2020 - CANCELLED
Charter Review Committee Feb 4 2020
Selectman Feb 4 2020
Conservation Comm Feb 5 2020
Rest of River Jan 31, 2020
Youth Comm Feb 10, 2020
Youth Comm Feb 3, 2020
Rest of River Jan 28, 2020 Emergency Meeting REVISED
Primaries March 3, 2020
Berkshire Retirement Jan 29, 2020
Berkshire MPO Jan 28, 2020
Planning Board Jan 27, 2020
Rest of River Jan 24, 2020
BRTA Jan 23, 2020
Selectman Jan 21, 2020
School Committee Jan 22, 2020
School Committee Jan 21, 2020
School Committee Jan 20, 2020
Housing Authority Jan 21, 2020
Rest of River Jan 17, 2020
School Committee Jan 14, 2020
Public Works Jan 14, 2020  REVISED
Conservation Comm Jan 15, 2020
Historical Jan 13, 2020
Greener Gateway Jan 13, 2020
Special Permit (Green Theory) Feb 4, 2020
Rest of River Jan 10, 2020
Planning Board Jan 13, 2020
Youth Commission Jan 13, 2020
Assessors Jan 10, 2020
Planning Board Jan 13, 2020
TT Board of Health Jan 13, 2020
TT Board of Health Finance Jan 13, 2020
School Committee Jan 8, 2020 (2)
School Committee Jan 8, 2020
Selectman Jan 7, 2020
Berkshire Regional Planning Jan 2, 2020
Berkshire County Retirement Board Dec 30, 2019
School Union Dec 26, 2019
Planning Board Dec 23, 2019
Selectmen Dec 17, 2019
Conservation Dec 18, 2019
Lee Housing Authority Dec 17 2019
School  Selectmen Joint Rev1 Dec 16 2019
School  Selectmen Joint Dec 16, 2019
Selectmen School Joint Dec 10, 2019
School Comm Dec 10, 2019
Planning Dec 09, 2019
Cable Adv Comm Dec 10, 2019
Rest of River Dec 06, 2019
Greener Gateway Dec 09, 2019
Lee Youth Comm Dec 09, 2019
Assessors Dec 06, 2019
Cultural Council Dec 10, 2019
Conservation Dec 04, 2019 **CANCELLED
Rest of River Dec 03, 2019
Public Works Dec 03, 2019
Selectmen Dec 03, 2019
Special Act Charter Review Dec 04, 2019
Selectmen PH Dec 17, 2019
ZBA Public Hearing 486 Dec 18, 2019
ZBA Public Hearing 481 Dec 18, 2019
Rest of River Nov 22, 2019
Berk County Retirement Nov 22, 2019
Assessors Nov 22, 2019
Public Hearing ZBA Dec 04, 2019
Rest fo River Nov 21, 2019
School Comm Nov 20, 2019
School Audit & Eval Nov 20, 2019
Conservation Nov 20, 2019 *Amended
Selectmen Nov 19, 2019
Housing Auth Nov 19, 2019
BRPC Nov 21, 2019
Special Act Charter Review Nov 21, 2019
Historic Commission Nov 19, 2019
Goose Pond Nov 19, 2019
Greener Gateway Nov 18, 2019
Rest of River Nov 15, 2019
Rest of River Nov 14, 2019
Protecting the 413 Nov 23, 2019
Planning Nov 18, 2019
School Comm Nov 12, 2019 *Cancelled
School Audit & Eval Sub Comm Nov 12, 2019 **Cancelled
Public Works Nov 12, 2019
BRPC Nov 07, 2019
Lee Youth Comm  Nov 18, 2019
Rest of River Nov 08, 2019
Selectmen Nov 05, 2019
School Union 29 Nov 05, 2019
ZBA Public Hearing 2 Nov 20, 2019
Planning Nov 04, 2019
ZBA Public Hearing Nov 20, 2019**Rescheduled
Assessosr Oct 31, 2019
School Union 29 Oct 31, 2019
Rest of River Nov 01, 2019
COA Oct 30, 2019
Conservation Nov 06, 2019 *Revised
Berk Cty Retirement Oct 30, 2019
School Union 29 Oct 28, 2019
Planning Oct 28, 2019
Rest of River Oct 25, 2019
Selectmen Oct 23, 2019 **Cancelled
ZBA Public Hearing Cont Oct 23, 2019
Rest of River Oct 18, 2019
School Union 29 Oct 23, 2019  **Revised
Rest of River Oct 17, 2019
Conservation Oct 16, 2019
School Union 29 Oct 16, 2019  **CANCELLED
Selectmen Oct 15, 2019
Housing Authority Oct 15, 2019
Planning PH Nov 04, 2019
BCRS Oct 23, 2019
Rest of River Oct 11, 2019
School Union 29, 2019 **REVISED
School Negotiating Sub Comm Oct 08, 2019
School Comm Oct 08, 2019
Assessors Oct 11, 2019
Greener Gateway Oct 07, 2019
Youth Comm Oct 21, 2019
Rest of River Oct 04, 2019
Special Act Charter Review Oct 17, 2019