The Board of Selectmen is composed of three members who are elected for three-year terms. As the Chief Elected and Executive Officers of the Town, the Selectmen are vested with all the municipal authority not specifically retained by the Town’s legislative body, Town Meeting. The Selectmen appoint a Town Administrator, responsible for the daily management of the Town, whose powers are specified in Chapter 471, Acts of 1990. The Board’s responsibilities are scattered throughout hundred of statutes and Town bylaws, home rule charter and special acts of the legislature. Apart from strict legal responsibilities, the Board can and should set policy and strategic direction for the community. The Chairperson conducts the Selectmen’s meetings and is the voice of the board. The Chairmanship and Clerk which are rotated every year, are determined by the Board of Selectmen at their first meeting prior to town election.


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Board Members

Name Title
Patricia D. Carlino Selectman (2019)
David J. Consolati Selectman (2018)
Thomas Wickham Selectman (2020)