• Real Estate and Personal Property tax bills for the 1st half of FY2020 are due December 2, 2019.
  • Water and sewer bills may be paid online through the due date. After the due date interest charges will be added.
  • You may also pay your excise bills, excise demand bills, and real estate tax bills online even though they are past due. Accrued interest has been added through the end of the month.  If paying earlier, please call for current interest/balance.  If your excise bill does not show up it has been sent for collections-- see below for the link to the Deputy Collectors Office.

Click the box below to go to the payment website.

Paying from your checking account is only $0.25.  Fees apply when using a credit or debit card.  Please check the fee schedule on the payment center page for more details.


Do not enter leading zeros on bill number.
Name does not need to be exact.

When searching for your bill, use your last name only for faster results.


Click here to pay parking tickets online at Plymouth County Parking.

Click here to pay excise bills that are at the Deputy Collectors office- APJones.com.