Tri Town Health Department

Who We Are
The Tri Town Health Department is overseen by a collaboration of board members from the towns of Lee, Lenox, and Stockbridge and is the only regional health department in the Berkshire County.

About Us
The Tri-Town Health Department was created in 1929 in an effort to contain a hazardous milk outbreak throughout the towns of Lee, Lenox, and Stockbridge. Since it's inception the Department has grown and evolved from its singular purpose into a multifaceted regional health department. We deliver a spectrum of programs and services to our immediate communities as well other Berkshire County cities and towns.

The Tri Town Health Department - its Director and agents, are charged with meeting the ten (10) essential services of public health, ensuring that the Tri-Town Boards of Health Operational By-Laws are in compliance and report directly to the Tri-Town Board of Health.

By meeting standards sets and delivering the ten (10) essential services of public health, we continue to make great strides to promote, protect, and sustain public health in our communities. For more information about our programs and services, please explore our site.   

For a full list of job openings, please visit the Department Info on the main page of the website and scroll down to job opportunities. Any questions, please send email.


Staff Contacts

Name Title
Zachary Roberts Assistant Director, CHW
James J. Wilusz R.S. Exec. Dir. Public Health / Reg. Sanitarian
Jim Leahey Animal Control Inspector
Jason Dragonetti Health Inspector / Animal Control
Jonathan Pierce Chief Sanitarian
Jill Sweet, MS, RN Regional Public Health Nurse Leader
Kate Fletcher, MPA Tobacco Awareness Program Manager
Jayne Smith, RS SBPHC Shared Services Coordinator/Registered Sanitarian

Board Members

Name Title
Robert Wespiser Lee Board of Health (Chair)
JoAnn Sullivan Lee Board of Health
Dr. Noel Blagg Lenox Board of Health
Dianne Romeo Lenox Board of Health (Chair)
Charles Kenny Stockbridge Board of Health (Chair/TTBoH Chair)
Henry Schwerner Stockbridge Board of Health
John Kearns Lenox Board of Health
John Lioidice Stockbridge Board of Health
Carisa Vincent Lee Board of Health
Robert Wespiser Lee Board of Health (chair)