The Prevention & Wellness Trust Fund will invest $60 million over 4 years in evidence-based community prevention activities, with the goal of reducing costly preventable health conditions. The majority of funds were awarded through competitive grants, with the first round awarded in summer 2013.The Trust is the first of its kind in any state in the nation and will dramatically increase available funding for community prevention activities in Massachusetts. It was passed into law in August 2012 as a part of health care cost containment legislation, known as Chapter 224.

Through relationships with academic institutions, hospitals and healthcare centers, community-based coalitions, nonprofit organizations, advocacy associations and other government agencies - federal, state and local - PWTF promotes health policy, strengthens healthcare systems, delivers quality services and motivates people with chronic disease or at risk for developing a chronic condition to adopt healthier lifestyles.

Current activities through the PWTF inlcude:

  1. Reduce rates of the state’s most costly preventable health conditions
  2. Reduce health disparities
  3. Increase healthy behaviors
  4. Increase the adoption of workplace-based wellness program
  5. Develop a stronger evidence-base of effective prevention programs 

More specifically, Tri-Town Health Department will focus on promoting  smoke free housing and the prevention of second hand smoke exposure.Technical assistance to implement policies and second hand smoke education will be provided throughout Berkshire County. Please contact Project Coordinator, Allison Hope for more information.

Click here for a summary of the smoke free housing project

Click here for the smoke free housing toolkit

Listing of current smoke free housing properties in Berkshire County