Animal Control Officer (ACO): Michael Sullivan           Contact: 413.464.4508  Please note the ACO does not issue licenses. Please check with Town Clerk      

Routine Business Hours: 8:00 AM- 4:00 PM Monday-Friday

Routine Calls During Normal Working Hours Include (Lee and Lenox only)

Dog bites, calls regarding domestic strays (dogs and cats only), loose farm animals, sick, injured or vicious domestic animals (wild animal on public property only), deceased domestic animals (dogs and cats),  barking dog complaints, unlicensed dogs, loose dogs, resident follow-up complaints regarding domestic animals, investigate reports of domestic animals exposed to Rabies, and kennel operations. For information regarding Rabies, please go here. 

Emergency Calls after Normal Business Hours:

Call ACO for: sick or injured domestic animals in need of immediate emergency medical treatment, dog bites, potential Rabies exposure, wildlife contact with humans and/or domestic animals.

Call Police Department for: Vicious animals that are causing an immediate threat to the public, or dogs that have been detained.

Nuisance Wildlife Procedures/Contacts

  1. Mass Division of Fisheries and Wildlife: 413.447.0789
  2. Berkshire Animal Control: 413.441.6118
  3. Ecotech Pest Management: 888.360.PEST
  4. Bat Guys: 866.320.BATS
  5. Ryans Wildlife Control: 413.442.2227
  6. Brian Fenner: 413-441-6118

And/or any otehr license pest and wildlife licensed exterminator

Lost cat or dog?  Please check out our Animal Control Facebook facebook page.