The current rate for water is $6.09per 100 cu. ft.

The current rate for sewer is $9.94per 100 cu. ft.

Bills may be paid online by clicking here. 

The bill is computed by the amount of water that goes through your meter.

Water and sewer bills are generated quarterly.  Below is a general schedule of billing:

Water and Sewer billing schedule
January-MarchApril 1

mid April- due 30 days later

April-JuneJuly 1mid July- due 30 days later
July-SeptemberOctober 1mid October- due 30 days later
October-DecemberJanuary 1mid January- due 30 days later

You are responsible for any water that goes through your meter, whether is consumed or wasted because of a leak.  If you think your water/sewer bill is high, please check for leaks. 

1. Read and record your meter reading prior to going to bed for the evening.  Do not use any water until
2.You re-read you meter prior to using the water.
3. If the meter registered additional usage, investigate your plumbing system for leaks.  If the meter did not register additional usage, it is functioning properly.
4. If you find that you may have a leak get it repaired.

If you have questions about your meter please contact the DPW at 413-243-5520.