Payments and Due Dates- Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes

The Town of Lee bills taxes on a semiannual basis.  Bills are issued after the Commonwealth has approved our tax rate. Bills for the second half of FY2024  will be issued on April 1st and are due May 1st.

Payments must be received in the Tax Collector's office on or before the due date to be considered on time.  Any bills received in the office after the due date will have interest added to the bill and will continue to accrue daily at a rate of 14% per annum until paid.  For bills mailed to the office please allow adequate time (at least two days) for payment to be received.  The postmark date is NOT considered the date of receipt. 

Taxpayers are asked to please include the Remit Copy of their bill with payment and write the bill number on their check. Payments should be mailed to: Treasurer/Collector, Town of Lee, 32 Main Street, Lee, MA  01238 or placed in the DROP BOX located just inside of the front door of Town Hall.

You may Pay Bills Online up to 11:59 P.M. on the due date, and they will be considered on time,  by clicking here for  Unipay Gold.  If you sign up for an account on Unipay Gold, you can scheduled payments and reminders and view payment history.

If you recently purchased property and wonder why the previous owners name is on the bill, please click here.

If you are using a third party payer and the  Remit Copy of the bill will not be included with your payment (such as your bank's online payment service) the following information must be clearly  shown on the check to properly credit your account: (a) the type of bill being paid (e.g. real estate, excise), (b) the year of the bill (2021) and (c) the bill number.  If you are using information that may have been stored by your bank for previous payments please update it.  If  a payment is received without the information required, or with incorrect information, your payment may be returned to you.  If returned for insufficient information, the payment will be credited when it is received with the correct information.

To make a one-time payment, go to Online Bill Pay and click on the UniPay Online box.


Real Estate Tax informationBilling
1st Half Covers July 1 - Dec 311st Half Mailing Nov-Dec
2nd Half Covers Jan 1 - June 302nd Half Mailing April 1st