Please fill out and sign the Town Annual Street Listing and return to the Town Clerk. Please make sure everyone who lives in your household is listed on the form (ESPECIALLY CHILDREN) with date of birth and if male or female.

The Town Census is critical in getting grants and aid for the Town as well as determining how many teachers and buses are needed.  Please send it back as soon as possible after receiving it.

Please have your son, daughter or spouse sign the street listing if you are removing them from your census sheet. I cannot remove them without their signature. If you have their new address in Town, please include that. If they moved out of Town, please let me know that. If you have a new address or PO Box, please make that change on the census form.

If you want to change your party affiliation for voting, please go online or to the Clerk’s office to fill out a new registration. You cannot change your party on the census form. The “u” stands for unenrolled (used to be called independent). Just means you are not enrolled in the Democratic or Republican parties.