Our Elder Well-Being Check Program provides Lee elders with the option of having daily contact with a dispatcher for the purpose of ensuring the elder’s continued well-being. Registered elders call our communications center each morning before 11:00am. If the dispatcher does not receive a call by that time and is unable to reach the elder by telephone, a police officer is dispatched to the home to physically check on the well being of the elder. The service is available to any resident of Lee over the age of 60, or to residents who are homebound, the medically disabled - either on a permanent or longterm basis regardless of age. Residents who might be interested in this program, particularly those living alone, are encouraged to call the Communications Center for more information at 243-2100.


Triad is a recognized name for a national community policing initiative wherein law enforcement professionals, seniors, and community groups partner to meet the crime-safety needs of seniors. One of the primary goals of the Lee Triad is to reduce the unwarranted fear of crime that seniors often experience. Our Triad is in its initial stages of development. We plan to hold monthly meetings at the Senior Center at Crossways to provide seniors the opportunity to stay informed about safety and security issues, and to answer their concerns. Although the Lee Triad is new, how it is eventually run will ultimately be determined by the participating seniors. If you would like to become involved with our Triad, please contact either the Lee Police Department or Lee Elder Services for more information.


If you are leaving for vacation, in the process of selling a home or otherwise in control of a home located in the town of Lee that will be closed up and/or vacant for an extended period of time, please contact the police department. We have an Extra Patrol Form that is available either at the station or on this website in the “Downloadable Forms” section. This form contains all the information we need including keyholder and emergency contact information.


Our School Resource Officer is Adrian Kohlenberger. Officer Kohlenberger has been the Department’s D.A.R.E. Officer since 1993 and the Department’s official juvenile officer sine 1994. In recent years, Officer Kohlenberger has been assigned to the Lee School System as the School Resource Officer. His duties are multifunctional at Lee Elementary, St. Mary’s, and Lee Middle and High School. Officer Kohlenberger sometimes serves as teacher, counselor, law enforcer and a source of information on legal and criminal issues. Officer Kohlenberger is also assigned to regular patrol duties on the day shift so his time is divided between the various schools and other police duties. He is available to meet with students or parents at any time to discuss any issues or concerns.