Applications for Chapter 115 Public Assistance benefits can be filed with the Veterans‘ Agent. Lee’s Veterans’ Agent is Doug Mann, a 14 year Navy veteran. His office is in the Airoldi Building (across from the Post Office parking lot).

If you are not a Lee resident, here's how to find your Agent:

  • See the Department of Veterans’ Services website in Massachusetts.
  • Call your local city/town hall and ask for Veterans' Services.
  • Or, call the Department of Veterans’ Services, 617-210-5480 and ask for your Veterans’ Agent name and contact information.

Examples of documents needed for application (speak to your Veterans’ Agent for a full list of documents required)


  • DD214 or other discharge certificate
  • Income verification (pay stubs, award letters or other documents showing monthly income)
  • Shelter verification (rent receipt or mortgage payment)

To Establish Relationship as a Veteran's Dependent:

  • Marriage certificate (for spouse or widow/widower of a veteran)
  • Birth certificate or adoption record with name of eligible veteran as parent (for each child of a veteran who will also receive benefits)
  • Death certificate (for widow/widower of a veteran, child of deceased veteran)
  • Birth certificate of veteran with name of parent (for parent of a veteran)
  • Public record or statements from the veteran or other knowledgeable people, showing that the applicant stood in place of a parent to the veteran for five years immediately preceding the veteran's wartime service (for person in place of a parent to a veteran)

All documents should be brought to Veterans’ Service office at the time of application.