Who we Are

As set forth in our mission statement the Greener Gateway Committee carries out a wide range of activities - on its own and with others - to help make Lee attractive and sustainable for residents and visitors. We hope our efforts will strengthen Lee's postion as the Gateway to the Berkshires and help our economy. We seek new members and volunteers to help us succeed and look forward to serving and working with you to make Lee a Greener Gateway. To learn more about us, please refer to this flyer.

Meeting Schedule

The committee holds regular meetings at 4:00 on the second Monday of the month at the offices of the Tri-Town Health Department on Railroad Street. We also hold special meetings as needed. All meetings are posted in accordance with Open Meeting Law requirements.

On this page, learn about:

  • Did you know: tips for a greener and safer world
  • Our continuing efforts to helpl LEEP LEE CLEAN: you'd be surprised how much litter we find every month!
  • The plastics reduction bylaws went into effect May 12, 2017: Background and Useful Information
  • Many hands helped Lee reduce waste and shine during Founders Weekend

Did you know? 

  • You should NEVER put recyclables in plastic bags - print and post this as a reminder.
  • You can recycle unused medications at the Lee Police Department.
  • You can recycle cell phones and rechargable batteries weighing less than 11 pounds at the Tri-Town Health Department.
  • Here are some useful links for living greeer and safer (while we hope the content is useful, we do not officially endorse the websites or any offerings they might have):
    • this recycling guide covers 200 items - to be safe, check with your hauler or where you take your recyclables;
    • this link takes you a site where you can learn about composting inside;
    • this website has a wealth of information on green living, green products, and more; and 
    • this link takes you a page where you can find answers to various enviornmental questions - and you can even ask you own.
  • Lee residents can now dispose of compostable items 24/7 at Meadow Farm: Meadow Farm  maintains a hopper to the left of its Meadow Street driveway (about 1.5 miles south of Big Y off Tyringham Road) where Lee residents can dispose of compostables at any time for free. Only natural, non-toxic materials are acceptable, ranging from all food waste (including meat or fish bones) and plain paper and cardboard (plates, napkins, boxes, etc.) to pet hair, certified biodegradable/compostable products, household yard waste, and much, much more. Please do not dispose of the materials in plastic bags, unless they are certified compostable. We greatly appreciate Meadow Farm's help in reducing the waste stream.  
  • Those new - and different - produce and meat bags Big Y is using....CAN BE HOME COMPOSTED! If you don't have a compost bin, the DPW sells them. If you can't have a bin, you can take your compostables to Meadow Farm 24/7 (see separate write-up below). 

Our continuing efforts to help KEEP LEE CLEAN

Roadside litter is a problem throughout Lee. The litter detracts from one of the most popular recreational activities in town - walking along our roads. It can also adversely affect the environment - from soil quality to animal health. The litter also gives the impression that Lee residents and businesses don't care about our town, which just isn't true, but sometimes it looks like it. While probably a small minority of people litter, it affects the rest of us. WE NEED PEOPLE THROUGHOUT TOWN TO ACT IN ORDER TO KEEP LEE CLEAN!

As part of our mission to help Lee be a Greener Gateway to the Bershires, we organize annual roadside cleanups as well as monthly cleanups (weather permitting). Thus far more than 150 volunteers (students and adults) have participated and we've collected more than 500 large bags of trash and recyclables plus a wide range of trash - including car parts, televisions, and computers - that had been thrown by roadsides. See who volunteered this year and how much trash, recyclables, and miscellaneous items they collected during the 2018 cleanup.

As a big adendum to our annual cleanup, 36 Honor Society students from Lee High School (plus three staff members) spent the morning of May 31st picking up more than 40 bags of trash and recyclables (plus larger items, including a truck tire) from roads throughout Lee. With these two major efforts, we have - temporarily at least - removed roadside litter from many streets (and at least one popular path and playgrounds) around town. We are most grateful to all the volunteers who have helped us thus far this year. 

How you can help - get involved: Many of Lee's 55 miles of roadways have stretches with no houses - areas that are most frequently littered. We've cleaned up along the same roads month after month, but the litter keeps coming. Our small committee can't do it all, and unfortunately neither can the 50 or so volunteers who have come out that past two years for our annual cleanups. Here's what you can do:

  • don't litter
  • speak up when we see other people littering
  • pick up litter in your neighborhood
  • participate in our annual and monthly cleanups

If people throughout town get involved, we can truly KEEP LEE CLEAN!

While our annual cleanups make a big difference, the ongoing litter problems make our monthly cleanups very important. We hold them the last Saturday of the month (weather permitting) - from 9 to 11 (May to October) and 1 to 3 (November to March). We hold our annual cleanup in late April or early May from 9 to 11 (look for posters, newspaper calendar listings, and this website). We meet at the Railroad Street gazebo - near the Post Office - for all our cleanups. We have gloves (you can bring your own), safety vests, bags, and some pickup tools. WE NEED MORE PEOPLE TO HELP! If you're interested, please contact Uli Nagel (ulinagel@gmail.com), Valerie Bluhm (valerie4748@gmail.com), or Peter Hofman (pdhofman12@gmail.com) - or just show up. Thanks! 

The litter problem is illustrated by how much a small group of people can pick up in a short period of time. Here are links to shots from recent monthly cleanups:

We're greateful to everyone who participates in our cleanups and to all those who pick up litter on their own! You're all making Lee a greener gateway to the Berkshires...and a more attractive place to live and visit!

The Plastic Bag and Polystyrene Bylaws Went into Effect May 12, 2017

The bylaws regulate the use of thin-film plastic shopping bags and polystyrene drink and food containers. The Committee, along with the Tri-Town Health Department and others, will continue to support a smooth transition and will maintain on this site a wealth of resources for residents, visitors, and establishments.

The bylaws minimize impacts on citizens when shopping or getting drinks or food outside the home. Shoppers will be able to use whatever bags and containers you want, but will no longer receive free thin-film plastic bags or food or drinks in polystyrene containers. Some people reuse plastic shopping, so we've drafted a list of options to meet these varied needs and welcome other ideas we can add to the list. The compostable produce bags provided by Big Y can be backyard composted. Other compostable bags may be taken (along with other compostables) to the hopper at Meadow Farm (see write-up below).  

The bylaws require establishments not to use the regulated products. Many alternatives exist. To aid in the process we've developed some tips for establishments. Another section of the website contains a wide range of information, including the following:

  • The Bylaws: We posted a guide to the bylaws as well as a PowerPoint slide show - for consumers and establishments, a separate guide just for consumers, links to the full text, and Frequently Asked Questions.
  • List of Alternatives: As required in the bylaws, the Lee Board of Health approved a list of alternatives. Links to the full list and a summary appear in that section.  
  • Reusable Shopping Bags: One of the goals of the bag bylaws is to encourage the use of reusable bags,rather than having people switch to paper bags. Our Committee have used a portion of its budget and obtained two grants - one from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and the other from the New England Grass Roots Environment Fund - to purchase almost all-natural cotton reusable bags. We provided more than 400 bags to four local organizations - the Lee Food Pantry, the Lee Council on Aging, the Literacy Network, and the Berkshire Immigrant Center - to distribute for free to their clients who can least afford to purchase bags (half the bags were donated by Blue Q in Pittsfield).  We are selling the bags for $4 (below cost) at special events and through downtown merchants, including Carr Hardware, Lee Hardware, and Paperdilly. The bags are also available at the Chamber of Commerce Information Booth (at the corder of the Church park). Other merchants who are interested in selling the bags should contact Committee Chair Peter Hofman. Each bag comes with an insert with tips on how to use the bag safely and to ensure it lasts for a long time. The insert is also available to entities in Lee that sell or give away reusable bags. 

If you have any questions, please contact Committee Chair, Peter Hofman (pdhofman12@gmail.com; 603.767.4250) or Jim Wilusz, Executive Director of the Tri-Town Health Department (jim@tritownhealth.org; 413.243.5540).

    Many hands helped Lee reduce waste and shine during Founders Weekend 2017

    Waste reduction at Lee’s Founders Weekend took a major turn for the better this year. During Friday’s Taste of Lee and Saturday’s events we witnessed a significant decline in trash thanks to the reduced use of polystyrene plates, bowls, cups, and clamshells. From that effort plus the recycling-composting-trash stations set up for Saturday’s events in the Park, Henry’s Big Green Egg Cook-off, and the activities at the athletic field we collected between 300 and 400 pounds of compostable items and about twice that volume of recyclables. Overall, downtown was also more litter free than in years past, thanks in part to DPW staff. We’re extremely grateful for the cooperation of almost all the food vendors and the help of volunteers, as well as the instrumental role played by the Lee Chamber of Commerce, the Tri-Town Health Department, Daley & Sons, and Meadow Farm. 

    We've already started planning improvements to further reduce trash and keep downtown clean during next year’s Founder Weekend. But we’ll need even more volunteers to succeed….and it’s not too early to sign up. To volunteer or get more information please contact Committee Chair Peter Hofman at pdhofman12@gmail.com.

    We sincerely thank everyone who contributed to this year’s success.

    Staff Contacts


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    Peter Hofman Chair
    Valerie Bluhm Vice-Chair
    Phyllis Hofman
    Linda Giancola
    Ron Giancola
    Monica Ryan
    Joan Angelo
    Ann Sterlin
    Uli Nagel