Town Administrator


Town Administrator Responsibilities
In accordance with a Special Act (Chapter 471 of the Acts of 1990 - Amended in 2022) of the state legislature, the Town Administrator is the chief municipal administrative and fiscal officer, and they are responsible and accountable to the Select Board. They appoint, subject to Select Board approval, all municipal employees, except Town Counsel, and serves as the Select Board’s agent for collective bargaining. They generally supervise all departments, commissions, boards and officers, except the Select Board; and, is responsible for the rental and use of all town property, except school properties. The serves as the Town’s chief budget officer and prepares for the Select Board’s approval operating and capital improvement budgets. They serves as the Chief Procurement Officer, except for the school department and library; and, warrants for the payment of Town funds are subject to their approval.


Town Administrator

(413) 409-5976

Sabrina Touhey

Executive Assistant

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