The Recycling Committee works to minimize in numerous ways.

  • We have informative materials - some are posted on the website and we will add more.
  • We have worked hard to minimize waste during Founders Weekend (please refer to that page in this section of the website).
  • We also help businesses and organizations holding special events to minimize waste. Our compost bins, well-illustrated signs, and compostable garbage bags are available on a loan basis. We also have compostable 6" plates, cold cups, forks, and spoons for sale at cost.
  • Having conducted a successful town-wide, roadside cleanup in May, we would very much like to hold smaller, more focused mini-cleanup days throughout the year. But we need volunteers to help us. If you're interested in helping with this effort or have suggestions of areas that need attention, please let us know.

Please contact Peter Hofman, Chair, or Valerie Bluhm, Vice-Chair, for more information or to suggest other ways in which we can help reduce waste in Lee.