It's that time of the year again...the Third Annual Greener Gateway Roadside Cleanup takes place April 28th (when it really will feel like spring). More people will be taking walks and summer visitors will soon be showing up. Although we've had severeal monthly cleanups over the past year, they're far from enough to clean up all the litter along our roads. Our Annual Cleanup is critical in helping Lee shine and demonstrating that we want our town to be clean and attractive -- welcoming and enjoyable.

If you're unsure about whether our annual cleanup is necessary, just take a look at what our team of volunteers collected last year and the year before

On April 28th we'll meet at 9:00 a.m. at the Railroad Street gazebo (near the Post Office). We'll end between 11 and noon - with a group picture and some good food. You can bring your own gloves, but we've got everything you'll need - gloves, safety vests, bags, and pickup tools. 

Litter is an eyesore that detracts from one of Lee residents' most popular pastimes - walking around town. It can also harm wildlife and contaminate the soil. Volunteering for the cleanup will have an immediate, positive impact on the town. Plus you'll be outside, get a little exercise, and meet some great, like-minded folks. You'll feel good about the contribution you're making and have fun in the process! 

Thanks in advance for helping to make Lee an even greener gateway to the Berkshires.