Tri Town Health Department

Camp Guidance Summer 2021

DPH has issued guidance for residential camps which must be included in the camp’s policies and plans. Camps must also follow the relevant restaurant, sports, and events guidance unless otherwise stated in the Rec Camp Reopening Safety Standards or Camp Regulations.

Important Links

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Outdoor recreation and sports (follow EAA and MIAA guidance): Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) COVID-19 Guidance Documents | Sports: download (  

Events/Gatherings: Safety Standards and Checklist: Indoor and Outdoor Events | COVID-19 State of Emergency |

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Heads Up: Required Concussion Training

The following items to be addressed in the camp’s required COVID Plan and Attestation:

1. Vaccination Policy COVID19 vaccination should be required for all staff. Unvaccinated staff should social distance and be masked except when sleeping, eating or swimming.

2. Medical Records for staff and campers must include COVID 19 vaccination status.

3. COVID 19 Infections or suspected infections must be reported immediately to the Board of Health. Report to or Injury report forms should be used to report camp COVID19 to DPH.

4. Arrival Testing: Only the PCR and BinaxNow tests meet the arrival testing requirements. Other rapid antigen tests may be used during the session to monitor campers and staff. Plans must state how campers/staff with positive tests will be handled at arrival: what happens if they arrived by plane/bus for example. Campers/Staff must practice modified social distancing (masks, social distancing) until tests are final or at least 5 days.

5. Isolation and Quarantine Plans are required for both campers and staff. Plans must include adequate separate rooms and dedicated bathrooms for staff/campers who must isolate or quarantine until arrangements can be made for them to safely leave camp as required by current DPH guidance. Quarantine protocols also require social distancing, masking, eating separately, and separate or well cleaned bathrooms for persons quarantined to limit the potential spread of disease. Campers must be supervised at all times by staff wearing appropriate PPE. Individuals under isolation and quarantine orders issued by the Board of Health must follow those orders. Close Contacts who are fully vaccinated with no symptoms, qualify for modified quarantine at the discretion of the public health nurse.

6. Parents must be advised of Isolation and Quarantine protocols that require parents to pick up campers who are under isolation or quarantine orders as soon as possible so they can recover at home. Plans must include protocols for managing transportation in the event this is not possible in a timely fashion.

7. Individuals who leave camp for medical reasons, such as COVID19 isolation and quarantine, may return to camp after completing their isolation or quarantine requirements. COVID-19 isolation and quarantine information |

8. Staff are not allowed to leave camp except for medical reasons or as part of a cohort field trip. If they do leave for breaks, they will have to begin again the entire arrival process of quarantining and testing.

9. Junior Counselors in training who pay a fee to attend camp are considered campers for purposes of establishing cohort sizes.

10. Large gatherings at camp must meet the event/gathering standards, except for emergencies or items such as fire drills where social distancing and cohort separation, and masking must still be maintained.

11. Camp Meal/Snack Service: Staff may deliver individual meals/snack through a cafeteria line with the required barriers where all the food is served by staff or by delivering food to seated individuals in a cohort. No self-service, no shared condiments, no family style dishes where campers can help themselves, and no eating unless seated. Cohorts should eat seated outside and in small, socially distanced groups whenever possible.

12. COVID19 Supervisors: Each camp should have a designated, trained COVID19 Supervisor. All staff conducting daily health screenings should be trained by the HCS