Lee-Lenox Shared Services Project

In an effort to maintain service levels while populations are decreasing and aging and expenses are rising, the neighboring towns of Lee, Lenox and Stockbridge in November 2015 established by an intermunicipal agreement an “Administrative Review Committee”   The Committee of six, composed of a Selectman and another representative from each town, is charged with the task of developing and reviewing opportunities for sharing services.  The three towns have a long history of shared services, starting with the formation of the Tri-Town Health Department in 1929, and the Administrative Review Committee seeks to build on that success.

Shortly after the Committee’s formation its members recommended to their Select Boards the sharing of building inspectors/zoning code enforcement officers; and, in December 2015 Lee and Lenox entered into an intermunicipal agreement to share those building safety services.  In February 2016 the Committee with the approval of their respective Select Boards invited the Department of Revenue, Division of Local Services (DOR/DLS) to provide an implementation plan for a shared administrative officer, because of the Stockbridge and Lee Town Administrators planned retirements.  In November DOR/DLS presented its report; and at the request of the Committee the Town Manager/Administrators presented a modified plan to address specific concerns of community leaders.

The Committee’s work is ongoing.

DLS Plan for Shared Chief Adminstraive Officer
Practitioners Proposal for Shared Administrative Officer