Greetings fellow hikers & walkers! I hope you are enjoying our beautiful Berkshire Outdoors, especially with your canine companion. Lots of places to explore BUT please keep in mind: YOU are the guest in the woods, fields and trails. You are entering the home territory of some of our exciting wildlife.
The LEAVE NO TRACE motto is for everyone, including our canine buddies. They don't know the rules, but their human caregivers should be responsible. The picking up of dog waste is necessary to keep not only our pets, but our wildlife safe. Animals, whether wild or domestic, DO carry parasites, bacteria  and other contagions. Plus our pets are usually taking medications which may be part of their waste. There is a balance in the wildness and it doesn't need any extra human disturbance.

There is nothing like having a grand walk in the woods with fresh air in the company of trees AND be interrupted by the sight or smell of something-not suppose to be there, dog poop! You may notice wildlife 'poo' which is noticeably different because of the 'wild' foods eaten (plant or animal). It's worth a few minutes of your your time, if you find such poo, to stop and look-you might see seeds, bones or fur contained!
Teach your fellow trail folk and children about no trash left behind. That small candy wrapper sticks out like a sore thumb among the leaves and cores & peels don't decompose fast.
So be prepared with your bags & containers. RESPECT the environment and take RESPONSIBILITY of yourself and LEAVE NO TRACE.
Your leaving no trace in the wild environment is a huge benefit to all.
Happy Trails   Linda J. Cysz,  Lee, MA

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